• Image of INNSTANT

Innstant. 2021

Acrylic, Airosoul, Pigment
Hand Stretched Canvas
3000mm x 800mm

"....introducing: INNSTANT
This is the largest work of INNERTIA, it’s investigating an array of concepts; primarily that of Inertia’s principle of continuous momentum in a direct line of motion, though giving important indication to momentum’s reliance on time in the formula. By inserting both dominant factors into the painting process of the work directly, have been painting and then consecutively removing the figure across a straight trajectory line of the longest distance of the canvas, from one end towards the other, the figure placed at equal intervals of distance each iteration, with only ever one existing at a moment..

The work will be Exhibited in “motion/process” -not interrupting it’s isolated self inertia- and it is aimed to have the figure one position away from the centre of the work on Opening Night.. Over the length of the Exhibition time frame [12th till 21st] the process will continue; removing and repainting the figure, until it crosses the entire canvas’s trajectory line and has gone..

[unless- the work encounters the external agent of force by being purchased, and then, if such should occur, the figure will remain where it is at the time, being held in place and having its inertia of motion overcome and entering a state of static]"


**Completed process video:

[Shipping to be discussed]